Lme Index (02/12/16) 2770.6
LME-PRICES (02/12/16)
Cash Ask Cash Bid 3m Ask 3m Bid 15m Ask 15m Bid
Copper 5736 5735 5735 5734.5
Aluminium 1715 1714.5 1713 1712
Nickel 11125 11120 11190 11185
Zinc 2663 2662 2676.5 2676
Lead 2274 2273.5 2290 2288
Tin 21355 21350 21100 21050 20585 20535
Sec.AL 1565 1555 1580 1570
Steel 325 300 325 300 320 310
Cobalt 30000 29950 30000 29500 30250 29250
Molybdenum 15250 14750 15250 14750 16000 15000
Warehouse stocks (02/12/16)
opening stock live warrants cancelled warrants
Copper 236675 137675 96350
Aluminium 2144850 1386225 753050
Nickel 367008 240288 126540
Zinc 442000 363425 78075
Lead 187725 142650 44575
Tin 3185 1905 1305
Sec.AL 13620 13600 20
Steel 0 0 0
Cobalt 624 573 48
Molybdenum 0 0 0
exhange rate settlements (02/12/16)
exchange rate
EUR 1.0630
GBP 1.2626
Asian benchmark prices (02/12/16)
Copper 5771.9
Aluminium 1717
Zinc 2717.1

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London Metal Exchange pricing

“LME setting the global standard”

The London Metal Exchange was founded in the year 1877, but has a history from the year 1571. LME is now the world’s leading market for non-ferrous metals. LME prices are very important for companies who trade in these metals.
 The owner is LME Holdings Limited and is located at Leadenhall Street, City of London, United Kingdom.
 The London Metal Exchange started with copper and very soon lead and zinc followed. After that the trade was extended with aluminium and other metals.
 About $US 11.6 trillion annually is the total value of the trade. 
For commodities most of the deals are made to be delivered in three month’s time. This is an old custom that goes back in time because copper cargoes needed a 3 month’s journey to deliver the copper from Chile.

LME offers futures and options various contracts for aluminium, copper, tin, nickel, zinc, lead, aluminium, alloy, NASAAC (North American Special Aluminium Alloy), steel billet, cobalt and molybdenum. 
Contrary to other exchanges the trade is still in the ring. The LME is in Europe the last exchange where open-outcry trading take place. The prices are based on supply and demand. 
LME has so-called Ring Dealing Members. Only these Ring Dealing Members are entitled to enter the ring and trade during the ring-trading sessions. 
There are twelve companies, who have the exclusive right to trade in the ring.

All companies who work with metals know the phenomena that prices can strongly fluctuate. This fluctuations depend not only from supply and demand but also from expectations and sentiments in the financial world. These prices are often unpredictable and have a big influence on profits of companies. LME offers as well buyers as sellers the opportunity to hedge their material price risk and have protection further future fluctuation in prices.

Real time LME prices

On the internet it is possible to follow the London Metal Exchange pricing with a delay of one day. Companies who are in the metal trading business are interested in real-time London Metal Exchange pricing. We offer these important real time prices such as scrap prices, LME copper and LME aluminum. With this information companies can react immediately on price fluctuations from the London Metal Exchange.

Metal Radar is a software developer and developes real time pricing solutions since 2007. From the three leading exchanges: London Metal Exchange, Chigago Mercantile Exchange and the Shanghai Futures Exchange, Metal Radar is an official developer and distributor. 

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