LME-PRICES aluminium (21/09/18)
settle SETTLE EURO close CLOSE EURO vol chg ASIAN
Cash 2034 1729.6 2012 1710.9 16 20
3 month 2067 1757.7 2043 1737.2 15263 38 2057.8
15 month 2085 1773.0
27M 2130 1811.2
63M 2245 1909.0
123M 2485 2113.1
SHFE aluminium (21/09/18)
close CLOSE EURO high low vol chg
SEP 18 2097.6 1783.7 2122.4 2097.6 9820 -105
OCT 18 2142.7 1822.0 2151.5 2128.9 72708 155
NOV 18 2144.2 1823.3 2150.7 2130.3 287190 160
DEC 18 2141.3 1820.8 2146.4 2128.9 114658 125
JAN 19 2136.2 1816.5 2144.2 2121.6 55056 75
FEB 19 2138.3 1818.3 2141.3 2120.1 23642 75
MAR 19 2139.8 1819.5 2144.2 2123.0 6228 50
APR 19 2146.4 1825.1 2147.8 2125.2 5042 70
MAY 19 2147.1 1825.8 2152.2 2129.6 1926 55
JUN 19 2154.4 1832.0 2154.4 2133.2 58 55
JUL 19 2152.9 1830.7 2152.9 2136.9 42 25
AUG 19 2157.3 1834.4 2158.8 2144.2 50 20

Interested in real time pricing?


London Metal Exchange Aluminium

The aluminum market is constantly changing, besides product information there is a great demand for current prices and real time LME aluminium prices.

The history of aluminum

The processing of light metal aluminum in comparison with other commonly used non-ferrous metals such as iron, copper, tin, silver and gold, have a very short history in the world. Aluminum was discovered at the beginning of the nineteenth century and came only at the beginning of the twentieth century sufficiently available for various industrial applications. The English chemist Davy gave this pure metal the name aluminum.

How is aluminum made?

Aluminum is made by the raw material bauxite alumina to extract. Less than a hundred years later, aluminum is impossible not to think of in the world. Aluminum is sufficiently present, it is widely applicable and durable material for various processes and can be used in very different products.

How is LME aluminum pricing determined?

Each aluminum processing company in the world has to deal with the risks of fluctuating aluminum prices and as a result the prices for intermediate goods and the prices of finished known products. Through past experience we have learned that not only supply and demand is an important part for the historical aluminium prices, but above expectations and sentiments in the financial sector, the price of aluminum determination.

The risks of fluctuations of aluminum

Changes in aluminum prices are very unpredictable and price fluctuations can be very strong. These fluctuations have a direct impact on the profit margins, the value of the stock, but also behaviors of customers who ordered the aluminum suddenly do want to diminish or postpone the order. Companies seek control of these risks by making good agreements with both customers and suppliers of aluminum.

Aluminum trading

In basic industry, it is already customary to price risk management by trading the futuremarket for aluminum, the London Metal Exchange (LME). The world prices of aluminum are listed on the London Metal Exchange (LME) and form the basis for price calculations of many aluminum processing enterprises. The LME aluminum gives the price in U.S. dollars per 1,000 kg. The ‘settlement price’ is the official cash sale and generally serves as a basis for contracts.

Current lme aluminum prices

Due to the weak economy metals are currently relatively cheap. The price of aluminum on the leading London Metals Exchange (LME aluminium) fell by 12% since January 2012. Investors are buying aluminum on a large scale and sell the aluminium slow, which enables much higher purchases for companies.